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Dąbrowski has an image that can supposedly be found in the National Museum of Scotland. On that chart you clearly see a pilgrim. It is a Knight Templar element, it also features in some Royal Arch systems where it is part of the emblem of the Sojourner, see below. As a concept it exists in some 2nd “craft” degrees, but I know no images with an actual pilgrim in that context.

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Dąbrowski has an unidentified “Symbols of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite”, see below. Judging the text in the triangle, it is from France. In some versions of the AASR there is a shepherd who leads the men of King Solomon to the murderers. Perhaps that is the connection here. This ‘shepherd’ has wings, though, so it is a shepherd? He appears to be accompanied by either a fox or a dog, a snake around what appears to be a broken pillar (or his staff), a dove and he has something in his hand.

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Third Degree “Orient board” of the French Rectified Scottish Rite saying: “in silentio spefortitudo mea”, “in the silence of my hope”. The same image was used in the Strict Observance.