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Combination of symbols sometimes as part of the 19th degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Dutch), sometimes of the 21th (1894 Vermont).

Also the 22nd degree of the same Dutch book has this table with geometrical instruments.


In the fascinating, French publication, supposedly originally from 1765, called Mutus Liber Latomorum we find about 30 beautiful colour plates with often uncommon Masonic symbols. There is a suggestion that they refer to historical (proto Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite?) degrees.

Here we have one section of a plate (see below). Do the first two rows show emblems of officers? The third row general Masonic symbols (perhaps referring to the first three degrees)? And the bottom row? If the image on the bottom right is the Master’s drawing board does the thing in the middle refer to the second degree and the mountain to the first? Do all images refer to different degrees?

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Uneven legged Square

Most of the times the square has legs of the same length (‘isosceles’), while the tool itself usually has one leg that is longer than the other. Every so often you see this more ‘common’ square on charts and here even in the emblem of the German provincial Grand Lodge Zur Sonne (‘to the sun’).

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Triangle and Compasses

The “Missouri Masonic Family” tree below shows the bewildering number of rites and degrees in America. As a branch to the York Rite there is an order simply called “Allied Masonic Degrees”.

The square is also sometimes replaced by a triangle in French and German Freemasonry. It also happens that there is both a square and compasses and a triangle.

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Hammers and Mallets

There is a great variety of hammers and mallets. Also within Masonic symbolism you see a variety, but -fortunately- not as big as above. Sometimes these different hammers and mallets have a symbolic significance, oftentimes not. In Mark symbology you often see a carver’s mallet with a chisel. A hammer on one tracing board can also be a pick hammer on another. Perhaps it could be fun to make a list is types of hammers and mallets and their specific symbolic meanings.