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Inverted Pentagram

The inverted pentagram is often food for conspiracy nuts, but what you see above is simply the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star (and the plan of their “chapter room”, see below), an appendent body for Freemasons and their female relatives. They have a different ritual and symbolism from Freemasonry. There exist a whole range of variations to this pentagram in the OES. In this basic form, the symbols refer to the positions and symbols of the officers. The jewels of the officers have their own specific emblem in the middle.

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There is a lot of crudely written Hebrew in Freemasonry. Not only words are garbled, but the copies from copies, often from handwritten copies, by people who don’t know Hebrew, makes that on many places you see letters that hardly resemble Hebrew. What also doesn’t help is that there are variations in ritual texts. The image above is from the “ineffable” degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Some Hebrew are recognisable, others less so. From some texts that use this image, you can know what Hebrew letters are meant. The same emblem in another AASR system has Latin characters that do not correspond to the Hebrew above.

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Star of David

Just as with the pentagram the star of David (or Solomon’s seal) appears in Masonic symbolism in a variety of contexts and the meaning is dependent on that context. This particular example is a blazing star it appears on a German tracing board between the sun and the moon.


The pentagram is a very common symbol in Freemasonry and appears in different degrees and rites. It is mostly common in the 2nd “craft” degree where is has the rough meaning of “man” with his five faculties. It can also be a blazing star, but in this example, it obviously is the sun. Sometime stars are drawn as five pointed stars. You also see them inverted. The meaning depends on the context.

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Blazing star

Can be found in the lodge (often in the second and third degree), on tracing boards (often between the sun and the moon), but comes in a variety of forms and contexts / meanings. It does not have to be five pointed. The general meaning is ‘something higher’, whatever that is for the Freemason.