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One of the most characteristic elements of Masonic apparel. Know that not only Freemasons wear aprons. Aprons come in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and decoration. The colour of the border may refer to the lodge or Grand Lodge where the apron is in use. The way it is worn says something about the degree of the member. Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts can have the flaps of their aprons, upright, on the inside or on the outside. The apron is often all white. This can be different in different lodges. Master Masons usually have a more ornate apron with the colours of their (Grand) lodge, perhaps a symbol of their functions. The flap is often triangular, but it can also be round (usually this refers to a Scottish working). The same goes for the apron itself. There are even triangular aprons. Especially in ‘higher degrees’ the aprons get more variety in shapes, sizes and decoration. It takes a lot of knowledge of a lot of systems and degrees to be able to identify a random apron. Hopefully this website will assist a bit with that.