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Cherubim with extended wings appeared first in the 1764 edition of Ahiman Rezon, the constitutions of the “Antients”. They returned in the seal of the “Antients” and later also in that of the Grand Lodge of Ireland (shown above).

Cherubim also appear in some ‘high degrees’ (Voss mentions the “degree of Royal Master”), where the meaning would be: “under the protection of Divine Power”.


Astronomical (astrological?) signs on a tracing board from the Kloss / von “Löwen collection. The description says: “Apprentif et Compagnon du Soleil” (‘apprentise and fellow of the sun’). It can hardly be a “craft” tracing board with the coffin, the broken columns, etc.

Astronomical signs can often be found in the temples / working places on the European continent, especially in “craft” lodges. The symbolism is simple: as the sun goes up and down during the day (opening and closing of the lodges), it also makes a tour along the sky during the year.

Star of David

Just as with the pentagram the star of David (or Solomon’s seal) appears in Masonic symbolism in a variety of contexts and the meaning is dependent on that context. This particular example is a blazing star it appears on a German tracing board between the sun and the moon.


The pentagram is a very common symbol in Freemasonry and appears in different degrees and rites. It is mostly common in the 2nd “craft” degree where is has the rough meaning of “man” with his five faculties. It can also be a blazing star, but in this example, it obviously is the sun. Sometime stars are drawn as five pointed stars. You also see them inverted. The meaning depends on the context.

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Blazing star

Can be found in the lodge (often in the second and third degree), on tracing boards (often between the sun and the moon), but comes in a variety of forms and contexts / meanings. It does not have to be five pointed. The general meaning is ‘something higher’, whatever that is for the Freemason.

Moon and stars

Very general symbol. It appears on many tracing boards (“craft” or otherwise), on aprons, in lodge rooms. Usually there is a sun on the opposite side. The moon is usually (but not always) accompanied by seven stars.


Very general symbol. It appears on many tracing boards (“craft” or otherwise), on aprons, in lodge rooms. Usually on the opposite side there is a moon.

Also, it can be the emblem of the Senior Deacon.