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Impaled Skull

A sinister image from a French “tableau”. The description refers to two degrees from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Head with Sword

In the fascinating, French publication, supposedly originally from 1765, called Mutus Liber Latomorum we find about 30 beautiful colour plates with often uncommon Masonic symbols. There is a suggestion that they refer to historical (proto Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite?) degrees. The image above is early in the book, so it refers to a low/early degree?

More about the book here.


Every degree has a grip (and a step and a word). These ‘secret handshakes’ captivate outsiders. On old (and sometimes more recent) Masonic charts you can sometimes see two holding hands. When they are just two hands shaking, it is somewhat likely to be a reference to the Odd Fellows, but with some added detail, such hands can refer to a certain degree.


These two triple triangles are based on a 2nd degree tracing board in Millar. They suggest that the mouth, ear and heart are to be connected to the Square, Level and Plumb, which would make the heart an emblem of the Junior or Second Warden.


These two triple triangles are based on a 2002 tracing board in Millar. I wonder if the upper has something to do with the lower. In that case the mouth, ear and heart are to be connected to Square (Worshipful Master), Plumb (Junior Warden) and Level (Senior Warden).

Cross on Heart

Dąbrowski has an unidentified “American Masonic Symbols”, see below. There are quite a few symbols on it that are unfamiliar to me, such as this one. It could be a reference to the Holy Heart of Jesus and there is even a possibility for it being a reference to Faith, Hope and Charity, but I don’t know in what rite or degree this symbol is of significance.

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