Welcome to my latest project (started March 2024).

When I was working on the website about the Kirkwall Scroll I frequently wondered how I should find out if a certain symbol has anything to do with Freemasonry and if so, how it fits in the vast Masonic landscape. With this new website I hope to create some sort of searchable database of Masonic symbols. I suppose this will be long in the making (and growing) since there are and have been many different sorts of Freemasonry sometimes with specific symbols.

I had a hard time finding a way to filter ‘like a webshop’ and I didn’t entirely succeed. The “advanced search” tab allows you to combine a “category”, a “tag” or a degree or multiple of both.

It also took some effort to find a way to display the filtering results that includes the image, so that you don’t have to open every result. There is no deep reason for the use of grey. I just started with books with as Duncan’s Monitor and Pike’s Morals and Dogma and they have quite crude, black and white images. When I came to other sources with shiny, colorful photographs I thought things became to circus-like. I did retain the color of some images in descriptions.

Please do not see this website as a complete encyclopedia of Masonic symbols. I suppose it will grow in time, but it will never by any means be exhaustive. Neither am I a Masonic expert or have a received all the degrees described. I just started to compile symbols that can already be found online and in publicly available books. I do not intend to explain either. Currently your best result is in the vein of: “this symbol can be found in this-and-this system” and sometimes I managed to narrow it down to specific degrees. Because several symbols appear in different degrees and in different systems, this is quite a task. Should you know something that I haven’t mentioned yet, feel free to use the comment fields. Also, should you have things that you think should be added, contact me and we’ll see how we’ll work it out.

There are a few things that I’m not overly happy with or that I haven’t found a good solution for. For starters, a symbol such as the Hammer and Chisel is so common, that I wonder if I should categorise the symbol to every rite used. That would at least allow you to find it if you are looking for the symbols of a specific rite. On the other hand, many images would get a lot of categories in which my other point becomes bigger and bigger. When a symbol is used in, let’s say, the 30th degree of Memphis-Misraim and the 8th degree of the Swedish rite, you will also find it when you combine Memphis-Misraim with 8th degree. The more labels I put on a symbol, the bigger the chance that these incorrect combinations give a result. As of now I try to use the tag “general” when a symbol is very common. This way, when you look for “Emulation”, you will only get symbols that are (somewhat) specific to Emulation, but -of course- not symbols available on this website that are in use in Emulation, as the common ones are tagged “general”.

This website does not care about “regularity” and “recognition”. Indeed, you will find symbols coming from Memphis-Misraim and co-Masonry to “regular” Freemasonry, old and new. There are a few similar or aligned systems present, but I don’t yet have plans to also try to cover all Masonic-like organisations and their symbols.

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