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Dąbrowski has an unidentified “Masonic Symbols”, see below. I don’t know in which degree this image is featured and if there are other systems or degrees with this symbol, but I did encounter it on Mark Master tracing boards, sometimes with nine dots. Perhaps it is just a (Mason’s) mark?

The # can often be found together with a X on Master Mason drawing boards. Thus combined (#X) it can either refer to the pigpen cipher or a way to construct cubic stones.

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The Arch can be frequently found in Freemasonry in different forms and contexts. With a keystone you can find it in the Royal Arch, the Royal Arch degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, York and other rites and in the Mark degree. Without a capstone it appears in other degrees.

Several meanings can be given to the arch. A connection, a door, sometimes the significance lays in a detail (such as the capstone).


One of the emblems of the Junior Warden in de Mark degree. It is also the emblem of the Warder in the Royal Ark Mariner degree (crossed axes for the Guardian there too) and (seen above) emblem of the Guard in Knight Templar Freemasonry. In the Swedish Rite of St. Andrew it is a symbol of the 6th degree.

Also in the (historical) “Scottish Master” degree, the axe was one of the items on tracing boards.

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Three Rosettes can sometimes be seen on “craft” Master Mason aprons, usually of English (type) working lodges. Sometimes Fellowcraft aprons have two rosettes, but there are also Fellowcraft aprons with three rosettes, such as in the French “Lodge of St. John” of the Swedish Rite.

The rosettes can also have different colours for different degrees.

The rosettes also appear in some other degrees, such as Mark Master.