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Armed Ring

Jeremy Croffs in his Templars Chart and Hieroglyphic Monitor (1821) has a “Order of Knights Templar Plan of Encampment”. It it are three banners. The one on the left, has a Templar Cross and a Lamb of God; the one in the middle a Blazing Cross; and then there is the one above. You see a cock sitting on what appears to be a metal ring, with weapons (and a trumpet?) sticking out of it. The odd design has a weird likeness to a symbol that can be found on the Kirkwall Scroll.

Double Cross

Emblem of the Preceptor of the Knight Templar degree and of the same office in the Rectified Scottish Rite. A similar two barred cross appears in the regalia of the last degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Outside Freemasonry there are several varieties to this cross with names such as the patriarchal cross, the Jagiellonian cross and the cross of Lorraine.


Dąbrowski has an image that can supposedly be found in the National Museum of Scotland. On that chart you clearly see a pilgrim. It is a Knight Templar element, it also features in some Royal Arch systems where it is part of the emblem of the Sojourner, see below. As a concept it exists in some 2nd “craft” degrees, but I know no images with an actual pilgrim in that context.

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