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Uneven legged Square

Most of the times the square has legs of the same length (‘isosceles’), while the tool itself usually has one leg that is longer than the other. Every so often you see this more ‘common’ square on charts and here even in the emblem of the German provincial Grand Lodge Zur Sonne (‘to the sun’).

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Entangled S’s

Jewels of the Eklektischen Bund (a German Grand Lodge). On top in the middle, two entangled letters S.

Honey Bear

Jewel Große Mutterloge des Eklektischen Freimaurerbundes (‘Grand Motherlodge of the Eclectic Union of Freemasonry’). The Eklektischen Bund is a German Grand Lodge which came from a lodge chartered from England.


Apparently the German Masonic reformer Schröder designed this minimalist tracing board around 1815. I don’t know the significance of the cloud. The image can be found in Feddersen (D/71).

Obviously it became part of the Schroeder ‘type of Freemasonry’, as clouds are still part of the Brazilian “Rito Schröder” emblem below left.

Interestingly, clouds can also be seen on this tracing board of the Gold- und Rosenkreuzer (one of three tracing boards used in the 1st degree).

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Cathedral / dom

Even though it is a persistent myth that Freemasonry stems from the cathedral buildings, an actual cathedral is seldom part of Masonic symbolism. Here we have a tracing board that (according to Feddersen was used by the Grand Lodge of York in Germany between 1947 and 1973. (Feddersen D/62.)


Appears in the third degree of the American York Rite (but not in most others). It also appears in some additional degrees. Also outside Freemasonry, this symbol usually refers to industriousness.

The German Grand Lodge called “Drie Weltkugeln” (‘three globes’) has it as an emblem of the “Schaffner” (‘conductor’).

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