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Three Rosettes can sometimes be seen on “craft” Master Mason aprons, usually of English (type) working lodges. Sometimes Fellowcraft aprons have two rosettes, but there are also Fellowcraft aprons with three rosettes, such as in the French “Lodge of St. John” of the Swedish Rite.

The rosettes can also have different colours for different degrees.

The rosettes also appear in some other degrees, such as Mark Master.


The trowel is one of the oldest tools of Freemasonry. It can be seen on both “Modern” (Carmick manuscript 1927) and “Antient” tracing boards. In some lodges (in the past) it was a tool of the Entered Apprentice. In other lodges (also nowadays) it is a Fellow Craft tool. Most of the time it is a tool of the Worshipful Master. In Emulation it is the jewel of the Charity Steward. In the Schröder Rite this is the emblem of the Guardian of the Temple. The symbol seems to have fallen largely in disuse after the 1813 fusion though, except in the USA (where it mostly stands for “brotherly love”) and Scandinavia.