Dąbrowski has an unidentified “Masonic Symbols”, see below. I don’t know in which degree this image is featured and if there are other systems or degrees with this symbol, but I did encounter it on Mark Master tracing boards, sometimes with nine dots. Perhaps it is just a (Mason’s) mark?

The # can often be found together with a X on Master Mason drawing boards. Thus combined (#X) it can either refer to the pigpen cipher or a way to construct cubic stones.


  1. There is a specific hashtag system with dots. Find out what is it about and good luck.

    1. I came across Mark charts with the # and nine dots. I haven’t found an (obvious) reference to it in Mark rituals, but I’m not a Mark Master, so I probably miss the context (for the same reason, I don’t want to dig too deep). Or, the symbol is specific to -for example- American Mark rituals.

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