Welcome to my growing, searchable database of Masonic symbols. My aim was to make a ‘webshop’ type of search, but this proves hard to realise. On the “advanced search” tab you can make different combinations of categories and the results will appear below. With the ‘search by category’ on the right you can choose either a category or a description and not continue filtering after. On the top right there is an option to search in your own words. Thus there are several ways to the symbols. Let’s hope it allows you to find what you’re looking for.

Currently you can find about 300 symbols that are from the large landscape of Freemasonry. The idea is not that you find the symbol you’re looking for and read a lengthy description, but rather that you will know that a certain symbol is (or was) used in this-and-this system. The descriptions are short. You have to continue for yourself from there.

This database includes symbols that are no longer in use or current (“historical degrees”). When you are looking at some old symbol chart, you might be able to learn that this symbol was used in system so-and-so in a certain period.

I have not received all the degrees in all the systems that are mentioned, I just gather information that is already public. Also I can never know everything, so feel free to use the comment fields when you think I’ve got it all wrong. I also made a list of symbols that I need help with.

This website is also available as a book (see on the right), but the website is easier to update, so the two are not exactly the same.

Here are some random symbols for you.

Have a look at 300 more.